Summer 2018 Mission Project

South Sudan Lutheran Church, a member of the Eastern North Dakota Synod, shares a building with another Lutheran Church in Fargo.  They worship on Sunday afternoons and their youth program has over 100 students on Saturday afternoons.
Jacob Mayan, pastor of South Sudan Lutheran, started the congregation by knocking on doors and reaching out to his neighbors.  Jacob was ordained at Eastern ND Synod Assembly in 2017.  Some of the congregation members are “Lost Boys” that fled Sudan during the civil war and are now grown, educated men who have wives and children of their own.  While many of the original “Lost Boys” have returned to their homeland to work with Evangelical Lutheran Church of Africa as pastors or agency workers, many remain in Fargo but still have extended family in South Sudan.  South Sudan Lutheran Church is one of the newest mission starts in our Synod. 
The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America partnered with the local Lutheran Church to set up the Reconciliation Lutheran Church Community Center as well as a Primary Health Care Clinic in Juba, South Sudan.  A government official sold a piece of land to the Lutheran Church in order to add a school to the mission in Juba.  When asked why he sold the land, the official said, “My son was one of the ‘Lost boys’ in Fargo, ND, many years ago.  It was the Lutherans who took care of him in Fargo.”
Our m & m containers will start appeared in the churches on July 1. Remember that they will hold $14 worth of quarters, but they’ll also hold cash and checks! (Checks may be made out to Tri-County Ministry.) This project will continue into September.